President’s Letter

A Beacon of Hope in 2024:
The Dan Murphy Foundation’s Catholic Commitment

Dear Friends and Fellow Catholics,

As we step onto the threshold of 2024, a sense of sacred purpose washes over me. For the Dan Murphy Foundation, this year is not just another chapter, but a pilgrimage of transformative impact within the heart of our Catholic community. We stand poised to illuminate two paths through our financial support — one towards academic excellence in our beloved Catholic schools, and the other towards a profound faith awakening in our youth.

Our 2024 Mission:

  • Nurturing Minds and Souls: Education remains our cornerstone, but for 2024, we elevate it to a holy mission. We will dedicate resources to closing the learning loss gap in our schools through programs such as Solidarity Schools, ensuring every child, regardless of background, receives the tools and support to excel academically. This is not just about raising grades, but about fostering a lifelong love of learning, grounded in the richness of our Catholic faith.
  • Kindling the Flames of Faith: This year, the Eucharistic Revival conference shines a radiant light on the transformative power of the Eucharist. We, at the Dan Murphy Foundation, will join this chorus of hope, amplifying efforts in youth evangelization. We will support programs that ignite a passion for Jesus in our young people, helping them discover the joy and depth of their faith. Through retreats, Conferences such as NCYC and SEEK, service opportunities, and dynamic spiritual formation, we will empower them to become beacons of Christ’s love in our world.
  • Answering the Call: The Church needs a vibrant tapestry of vocations to carry the torch of faith forward. In 2024, we will actively address the decline in religious life by fostering a culture of discernment and vocation support. Through mentorship programs like Quo Vadis, retreats, and financial assistance to religious orders, we will encourage young hearts to listen to God’s call and embrace the extraordinary path of priesthood or religious life in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

However, our Catholic calling extends beyond our schools and churches. It compels us to reach out to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. This is why, in 2024, we will also:

  • Champion Compassion: We will partner with organizations throughout the Archdiocese, supporting their vital work in providing food, shelter, and essential services to those experiencing homelessness, poverty, or other hardships. Through financial aid and volunteer engagement, we will be the outstretched hand of Christ, alleviating suffering and offering hope.

Together, let us make 2024 a year of profound renewal within our Catholic family. Let us be the stewards of academic excellence, the ardent flames of evangelization, the fertile ground for new vocations, and the champions of compassion for the vulnerable. Let us build a future where Catholic faith thrives, illuminating the path for generations to come.

With unwavering faith and optimism,

David Fuhrman

David A. Fuhrman
President, Dan Murphy Foundation

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